2024 Dates

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2024 Dates
« on: January 30, 2024, 09:06:50 am »
Here it is: (dont want hear, i didnt know... buts...)
Feb 15th Start FT/TT (3 days span) (balance must be paid before)
Feb 17: Closes (1159pm EST)
Feb 18th: Bidding (7days)
Feb 25th: Closes Bid (1159pm EST)
Feb 26th: Match or not (48 hours)
March 1st: UFA/RFA starts
June 25th - Rookie Draft 9pm EST (Via Zoom)
July 8th- Sign your own RFA.
July 14th- Sign your own RFA ends.
August 31th UFA deadline (Team MUST meet minimum requirements: Roster, Cap, years, etc)
Sept 2- Rookie signs deadline (unsigned, can be bidded after deadline)
Sept 6th- Unsigned Rookies bids ends.
Sept 7th Kickoff 14th season. (league balance must be paid in full prior kickoff).